Forspace Solutions
Forspace Solutions

We do not work for the customer.

We work with the customer!

Business from one source

Benefit from Forspace fully integrated all-in-one solution to standardize all business processes
in your company - across all industries and for all company sizes.

Your company
under one roof

Central Process Management.

Web based
ERP system

Java, WEB based, MySQL.

All businesses
as one

Mapping Real Processes
into digital ones.

Modern concept,
simple design

Supports Easy Integration
with other solutions.

Forspace ERP & Accounting +

Decissions based
on facts, not assumptions


Working With You!

"Every business needs a clear strategy. With the Forspace solution, this means providing complete control over all business processes in your company through automation, digitization and innovation of all business processes. As a result of many years of research, knowledge acquisition and acceptance of world best practices, the Forspace team provides unconditional support in all phases of software use, and we are especially proud of our post-sales service, and by accepting this software you can count on our constant support and cooperation. We are the first local brand in ERP software in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the hallmark of German technology that allows you to reduce the use of paper documentation, save time and money, and is a fully customized and understandable software solution for the end user. Driven by our slogan, we are sure to improve the way how you do business, because WE WORK WITH YOU, not for you“

Esada Karović, CEO

Companies already optimising their processes with Forspace

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We proudly highlight all our clients and build partnerships to our mutual satisfaction. If some of our clients are not yet added to the list, it does not mean that we value them less or that they are less important to us.


"When it comes to accounting automation, completely customized to fit our needs, look no further then Forspace Solutions team.
Their competitor landscape is steep but Forspace makes it happen. They have enabled us, coached us and given us the confidence to use our
resources wisely, freeing them from daily routines and optimizing their day to day performance.
Their approach is engaging and industry relevant.
We now have more opportunity and time to work on achieving new business results."