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Human resources and payroll calculation

Human resources and payroll calculation

By using Forspace HR & PAYCHECK module you can enter various employee data, have info about history of their movement, and you can enable your HR department to do other things by using automated features like our automatic contact creator etc. Also you can fulfill and types of configurations for paychecks in compliance with the law and GDPR.

Employee register

Records of family members, foreifners, work permits, various certificates

Parameters for salary calculations

Monitor various absences

Records of working hours

Information about employes health

Records of loans, debt enforcement, child support

Flexibly define the calculation settings -payroll profiles

Different calculation types based on the type of wmployment relationship

Different methods for calculation types depending on the type of institution

Different methods for calculating basic salary

Enter, edit, or delete data for multiple employees simultaneously using importers

The possibility to redo the calculation of an individual employee or all employees

Manage short - and long-term credits and other deducations

Manage additional payments (bonuses, meals and travel allowances, length of service increase)

The possibility to print Pay slips in PDF or e-mail distribution

Automatic posting to the general ledger

Control of simultaneous use and data editing in employee files during payroll preparation

Electronic payment documents

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