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Finance and Accounting consulting

We provide support to clients in the field of accounting services, thus enabling management to focus on business development. For the client, we provide bookkeeping services, compiling periodic and final accounts as well as filing tax records. In addition to the above mentioned services, we provide to the client support in specific engagements including:

- Supervision of accounting records, analysis of accounting treatment of specific transactions and assessment of indicators of impairment of assets.
- Automating the reporting process - generating a set of reports including balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.
- Preparation of a set of consolidated reports.
- Implementation of an integrated reporting process.
- Implementation of monitoring and reporting at the level of several business units within the company.
- Cost management - trend monitoring and deviation analysis. 
- Support to the budgeting process.
- Support the process of organizational and status changes including restructuring, mergers, acquisitions.
- Support to the establishment of internal control systems.

We are a partner to the client in managing business risks and ensuring compliance with the legal framework and good business practices. We have experience working with companies within different industries, which also operate in the international markets.